Northodox Press is a publisher catering to readers of crime fiction with the authentic voice of Northern England. If you're exhausted by a book market oversaturated with stories of a London-centric Britain or the cosy-crime of the Cotswolds, look no further.

In the digital age, we're no longer confined by the traditional borders of publishing. Northern voices deserve to be heard, our stories need to be present.

We offer end-to-end publishing and creative support for our authors in both print and digital formats. Our team of industry experts will manage the editorial, cover design, and production processes, while you focus on the writing. And once published our publicity and marketing teams will make sure the audience is waiting.



Tom Ashton


Traditionally, for budding editors and budding authors, the best opportunities have always been down south, specifically in the nation’s capital, and we here at Northodox plan to change that. For writing to be restricted to an area is absurd, as writing itself should be about breaking boundaries.

   Here at Northodox we will provide you with dedicated editing, tenacious marketing, and regular communication.

   Our team of experienced industry professionals have worked in editing and publishing for years, and know what other publishers are offering… and we think we can offer more. Most of all, we aspire to become a genuine competitor to the ‘Big Five’ in London. At the moment we’re looking for Crime Novels and Short Stories and if you think you’ve something that fits the bill, we’d love you to send it over. 

    We promise you, you won’t find a more dedicated team to champion your book, and we will NEVER ask you for a penny in return.


Ted O'Connor


At Northodox Press we are specifically looking for writers and voices that capture the  authenticity of of Northern England, themes seldom found elsewhere, and in such a way that the characters and locations are not merely details, but affect the writing and are necessary to driving the plot.

    We're also looking to give a platform to under-represented corners of northern life because the North is such a vast melting pot of varying backgrounds and world views. If you think you have something uniquely Northern we could be perfect for you!

   The combined experience of our team is such that we can advise on all aspects of the  publishing process to assist first time authors and veterans alike. Submit your novel and short story manuscripts today.

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