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Sound - Book 3 in the Reprobation Series - Ebook

Sound - Book 3 in the Reprobation Series - Ebook


There’s a Dad Vibe

A professor of psychoacoustics is found dead in his office, there’s an outbreak of mysterious illnesses on a council estate, and outbursts of unexplained violence in a city centre nightclub. Could they all be tied to strange noises coming from the tunnels underneath Liverpool?

Meanwhile, death metal band Total Depravity is back in the city, waging their own form of sonic warfare.


Detective Inspector Darren Swift is convinced there are connections, but this case cannot be solved using conventional detective work. He will need to seek the occult expertise of Dr. Helen Hope and her unlikely sidekick, guitarist Mikko Kristensen, to stop a murderer with a terrifying and undetectable weapon.

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