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The Curious Casefiles

The Curious Casefiles


Meet Rupert Robbins, the author who goes missing and scarily lives out his own novel in real life. A lonely dentist, Gareth can see his wife is in danger on a Skype session - but will he get to her? Happen across our Sherlock lover, Christine, who sleuths at a Murder-Mystery weekend and finds her writing buddies are not what they seem when a body is found. Then there’s Megan, who learns the ups and downs of social media when she returns from Glastonbury. Enter, Deirdre, a foundling in Durham City who is frantically searching for her birth mother, but will she find what she’s looking for? And finally, Jason, who is obsessed with fake news and leading people up the garden path but will it all backfire on him?


A collection of curiously crafted short stories from author Susan Willis.


Each tale combines cosy crime, mystery and a dash of romance. Perfect wintery reads to thrill and keep you guessing. 


1, An Author is missing
2, Christmas Intruder 
3, Mysterious Writing Group
4, Megan's Mistake
5, Deirdre's Tangle 
6, Fake News 
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