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The Disruptors - Ebook

The Disruptors - Ebook


In an alternative 2016, celebrities are going missing. Mysterious inventor Zane Lund has created a device capable of shrinking objects down to the molecular level or infinitely growing them. Sammy Habib, a plucky and rebellious Internet journalist, is looking for the story that will make her career. Alongside unwitting accomplice John Barton, a lonely farmhand, she embarks on a series of bizarre adventures as they try to uncover the truth behind these stories.

As the technology takes off globally, a collective of governments sign an agreement to regulate how it can be used. Naturally, a seedy criminal underworld emerges as those with the know-how start using the powers for nefarious purposes. Anything is possible for the right price...

The Disruptors is a comedically dark satire of technology and its unknowable applications, and an allegory on clickbiait

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