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A Cat Lover's Guide To Murder - Paperback Pre-Order

A Cat Lover's Guide To Murder - Paperback Pre-Order


Publishing 4th July 2024

For Anabelle, it began when she met Graham at high school. And never ended. Years later, Bella lives next door to Graham, who doesn't acknowledge their past. Still, she cleans his house, cooks the occasional meal, and sometimes, when he's away on business, sleeps in his bed. Bella is content with the arrangement and fawns over her cat, Sir Trevor, like the replacement child she never had...

When divorcee Angela Maynard moves to the street and sets up a psychotherapy practice from home, she grows close with Graham, and Bella's cosy routine is threatened. One morning, a woman accidentally arrives at Bella's door for her first therapy session with Angela. Which is when the seed of an idea implants itself. After all, Angela has taken so much from her, and how hard can therapy be?

Posing as Angela, Bella starts to deliver her own style of therapy.

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