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Meet the Northodox Team


Ted O'Connor

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Ted is a Creative Writing graduate, who worked as a digital magazine editor before entering the world of book publishing. 

Born in sunny Wolverhampton, he moved to the Peak District as a child. He lives in Sheffield with his wife and their many leather-bound books.

Editorial Preference:

Speculative Fiction

Fantasy & Steampunk

Young Adult

Detective & Hardboiled

Historical Fiction


Amy Leacy

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Amy is an English and Creative Writing graduate interested in historical crime as well as stories laced with the supernatural.

She's a knowledgeable cinema buff and also the proud mother to a naughty French bulldog, Luna.


Editorial Preference: 

Horror and Supernatural

Psychological Thrillers

Middle Grade &New Adult

Science Fiction & Fantasy


James Keane

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James is an MA Publishing graduate with a decade of experience as a production controller for HarperCollins and the Fitch Group. 

Born in York he grew up in Leeds. After ten years in London in and around the publishing industry, James is now based in Manchester with his partner.

Editorial Preference:


Romantic Fiction

Crime & Thriller

Science Fiction & Cyberpunk

Contemporary Fiction

LGBTQIA+ Fiction

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