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Airedale - Paperback

Airedale - Paperback


A near-future science fiction thriller.

Police Analyst Haz Edmundson arrives at a crime scene in the abandoned warehouses of megacity now covering West Yorkshire. Riots are rolling across the city and the police engage in street warfare against protestors. Haz discovers the dead body of an activist who has crashed through the factory roof and cocooned in a wingsuit used in a daredevil sport, her head shattered by a mysterious mid-air impact.

The case is immediately swept aside and labelled an 'accidental death.' However, Haz knows there's more to the case than the higher-ups are letting on, someone is working hard to bury a murder, and the more Haz investigates the more dangerous the trail becomes.

Set in a near-future Britain where technology has disguised the landscape with utopian megacities. A population under heavy surveillance, memories sold back to them for entertainment, and robotic drones pervading both life and liberty.

Welcome to Airedale.

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