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Claire Morris is Completely Lost - Paperback Pre-order

Claire Morris is Completely Lost - Paperback Pre-order


Publishes 25th July 2024


It’s the noughties and Claire Morris is a Sugababes loving, Leonardo DiCaprio fancying, flip-phone using, London party girl… until her dad dies unexpectedly.


Everything changes in a moment.


He was her entire family. It was Claire and her dad against the world, after her mum walked out when she was little.


Claire Morris is Completely Lost.


Consumed by grief and guilt, Claire quits her hectic London life and rents a cosy cottage in the rural Peak District village of Baliston.


She ends up befriending Hazel Wilson, a local widow with a wicked sense of humour, and Sebastian Jones, who has returned to Baliston to run his family’s farm. He’s annoying and kinda gorgeous. Despite repeatedly bumping heads, Claire and Sebastian can’t help but get along, and an unlikely romance begins.


Can Claire rebuild her life in Derbyshire, while finding time for love and a new friendship? Or is she running away from her problems?


Claire Morris is Completely Lost

A romantic story wrapped in family drama, self-discovery, and an age-defying friendship.

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