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The Girl Beneath the Ice - Paperback

The Girl Beneath the Ice - Paperback


Winter comes to Avon Murray and as the town weathers the snowstorm the body of a schoolgirl, Tasha Barcroft, is found frozen beneath the river. The blizzard disguises all evidence and with no way to extract her body, everyone has a theory about who killed Tasha Barcroft.


The investigation falls on Inspector Dafydd Todor, his disgraced reputation following him to Avon Murray, and rumours of his past failures linger on the lips of his colleagues. Faced with real police work, his doubts leave heavy impressions in the snow.


Could the killer be Lucas Farringdon, son of a local businessman and Tasha’s boyfriend? Her grandmother certainly thinks so. Yet she too is hiding a secret; an alcoholic daughter who is prone to violent outbursts. Is the killer the strange man who lives in the woods? Or the goth girl that Tasha bullied relentlessly? Todor can’t work it out.

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