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The Great Orme - Ebook Pre-Order

The Great Orme - Ebook Pre-Order


Publishing October 2024


Zachary Llewellyn and his six best friends hide a terrible secret - they’re all killers. As teenagers, he led them to mete out justice in the wilds of North-Wales under the watch of the Great Orme. Years later, their grizzly brand of retribution has followed them into their new lives away from the Great Orme.

But the dead urge Zac to confess their crimes and the Great Orme wills it. And so, he summons the six back to the Great Orme, to persuade them to give up everything.

When one of the six starts killing again, they won't stop until Zac backs down. Zac must find out who the killer is and stop them if they are all to escape from the guilt and ghosts of their past.

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