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The Liverpool Mysteries Series Books 1-3 Paperback

The Liverpool Mysteries Series Books 1-3 Paperback


The complete collection of The Liverpool Mysteries Series Books 1-3

Under the Bridge

The discovery of a body in the Liverpool docklands
unearths long forgotten secrets. Historian Vinny Connolly and reporter Anne McCarthy are keen to find the truth.

They find Michael, an old Irish caretaker who knows far more than he’s letting on and may have a connection to the body and the mystery behind Vinny’s father’s disappearance.

Escaping poverty in Ireland and fresh off the boat in 50s Liverpool, Michael falls in with Wicklow boys Jack Power and Paddy Connolly, who smuggle contraband through the docks, putting them at odds with the unions. A story of corruption, secret police, and sectarianism slowly unravels. But will the truth out?

As the conflict heightens, Michael questions the life sprawling out ahead of him, while in the present, Anne and Vinny race to solve the mystery, but are they prepared for what they find?

Across the Water

Historian Vinny Connolly and reporter Anne McCarthy travel to Ireland in search of  Vinny’s father, Paddy, who mysteriously disappeared not long after returning
to his homeland in 1974.

We piece Paddy’s story together as he returns to Wicklow to lay low after a killing in Liverpool. DI Barlow of Special Branch plans to use Paddy to disrupt an IRA gun route. Facing danger on every side, he struggles to fit in. A devastating experience in Dublin forces him to
re-evaluate his life and seek a better future.

In the present, Vinny confronts harsh truths about his father as well as building friendships within the communities he discovers. A story of emigration and return in three narratives that span recent history in Ireland and the UK.

Before the Storm

Historian Vinny Connolly tries to escape the bitter memories of his childhood in a tough neighbourhood. But a secret from the past, involving a pocket watch, an old man’s death, and childhood friends, threatens to unravel his present.

When one of those friends, Sammo, dies in mysterious circumstances, Vinny, his wife Helen, and his ex-partner Anne McCarthy race against time to uncover the truth.

A hit and run incident, text messages, and a murdered pet, all warn Vinny away from the investigation. A series of letters hold the key to Sammo’s life, and the secret to unlock the mystery of his death.  Facing unexpected obstacles and police opposition Anne tries to overcome an accidental death verdict.

Set against the backdrop of a post-Brexit UK, this is a gripping tale of immigration, friendship, the power of secrets to shape our lives, and the value of resistance to authority.

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